Welcome to Czech Maker Faire in Prague!

Czech republic is known as a DIY paradise. Where else should a creativity festival thrive? That’s why we decided to bring the Maker Faire phenomenon to Czechia. Our goal is not only to introduce Czech makers to the public, but also to present them to the whole world. The first edition of Maker Faire in Prague in 2018 presented about 180 projects and over 10,000 people attended it during the weekend.

Who is a maker?
Join us!
We already know that Maker Faire is a worldwide show of makers. But who is the maker? We might say a DIYer, but in reality it’s a bit more to it than that. Maker is a visionary, an innovator and an inventor who wants to share his creations with others. He’s a jack of all trades who combines digital manufacturing with traditional crafts. He can be a science, technology, design and art enthusiast who tests creative ideas in his spare time in DIY workshops, makerspaces, fablabs, but also a hacker who plays with hardware in addition to code, or a gardener who experiments with hydroponics and aquaponics. Maker Faire is not focused on a specific industry and its main theme is creativity. It is for children, adults and seniors looking for active fun, useful skills and new ideas. It is open to engineers, craftspeople, artists, DIYers, gardeners and scientists, and everyone can actively participate – either as a free exhibitor or as a visitor. Because at Maker Faire, no one is obliged to just watch. You will have the opportunity to touch and try many things in the workshops, seminars and booths. There are simply no „do not touch“ signs at this festival.
About our team

There are many of us in the organizing team of Maker Faire Prague, but one thing unites us – we believe in the idea of maker community and we seek to show that „golden Czech hands“ are by no means just an empty concept. That’s why we were the first to bring this global festival to Czechia. After the unusually successful 2018 and 2019 editions, a part of our team separated and established Make More – an organization focusing on the development of Maker Fairs in the regions. The Prague team continues and we have the ambition to build Maker Faire Prague into the largest and most creative maker gathering and showcase of fascinating DIY creations in Central Europe.

The program guarantor and license holder of Maker Faire Prague is Žádná věda z.s., a society for the realization of experiments on the border between science and entertainment with a rich history of events since 2012. MVP Events, an event agency with a passion for discovering new concepts and possibilities, is in charge of the production. The event is held in direct cooperation with the program team of Výstaviště Praha, a multifunctional space with a long tradition, which covers an area of 36 hectares and is dominated by the Art Nouveau Industrial Palace. Výstaviště is home of Maker Faire Prague because we know that this venue has a reputation as a great and sought-after location for cultural, social and entertainment events throughout the year.

The broader organizing team also includes TAKTIQ Communications, a communications agency and organizer of conferences and community events, which is responsible for PR and marketing of the event. We also cannot forget the expert support of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, which brought many attractive exhibitions to the festival, nor the cooperation with the main partner PRUSA RESEARCH, a Czech company producing 3D printers, founded in 2009 by Josef Průša. PRUSA RESEARCH is one of the main supporters of the maker community on a global scale and without its support and ideas, the first Czech Maker Faire would definitely not have come into being.


Any questions?

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